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7 Dimensions of Wellness in Life

Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness

How much you care about yourself and your health? This article on “7 Dimensions of  Wellness in Life” will definitely help you to achieve more in your life both mentally and physically. This is about seven core concepts in your life that lead you to a happier and fulfilling life.

Dimension 1: Physical Aspect

So, the first dimension of wellness is the physical aspect. So, this could be eating healthier, exercising and all of that stuff. If it’s a numerical or quantifiable resolution and when you don’t do it, you’re gonna get bummed out since you didn’t do what you wanted to do.

Therefore, you need to make it realistic as much as possible. For example, you can start a vegan diet, get a regular dentist schedule, exercise daily &, etc.

Dimension 2: Emotional Aspect

The second dimension of wellness is the emotional aspect. So, this means Emotional things that you want to butter for yourself. For example, establishing a routine, being grateful for others, being more positive, patience and etc. So, you need to identify what makes you happier and follow that path.

Dimension 3: Environmental Aspect

The third dimension of wellness is the environmental aspect. So, this could mean anything good for the environment. For example, being vegan can be one of those if that’s what you want to do or anything that’s good for the environment and that you can do to be outside of nature. Some other examples are daily walking, helping out parents, starting your own garden and any other things that are good for the environment.

Dimension 4: Mental Aspect

The fourth dimension of wellness is the mental aspect. So, this can mean anything that’s sparking your mind. For example, if you are still schooling, you can watch some documentaries and read more books like self-help and self-love books. Anything that inspires you helps you and teaches you things that you didn’t know before would be okay.

Dimension 5: Social Aspect

The fifth dimension of wellness is the social aspect. This can mean anything which is social wise. But again this can be hard sometimes. For example, if you’re a teenager who just got out of school and now that you’re not surrounded by people every day, it’s kind of hard to get to know people and meet new people. So to get on with social aspect, you reach out more to people or volunteer. Volunteering is an excellent way to help everyone socially, and that’s a great way to meet new people.

Dimension 6: Occupational Aspect

The sixth dimension of wellness is the occupational aspect. This could be any way that you get money or what you consider to be your job. So this could be something like your job or something that you’re good at, something that you love doing and something that you can make money of doing.

Dimension 7: Spiritual Aspect

So, the seventh and last dimension of wellness is the spiritual aspect. If you are a religious person, you can put anything in there which spiritually helps you and raises your awareness. For example, you can meditate more which is a way that you spiritually get connected to the earth, and another thing would be yoga which kind of plays in part into meditation.

So that is all about the “7 Dimensions of Wellness in Life” and hope it helps you towards a better life.

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