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Dangerous Sleep Habits You Should Avoid!

Are you noticing that you are having difficulty sleeping; you wake up tired and gloomy or wake up in the middle of the night? This could be the result of some dangerous sleep habits that you are having. Because of this, it will be difficult for you to get the needed sleep and it can cause many other complications like certain diseases. Therefore, this article  “Dangerous Sleep Habits You Should Avoid!” will help you to get better sleep than you do now.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to the article “Dangerous Sleep Habits You Should Avoid!”.

What are Bad Sleep Habits?

You should avoid drinking too much water before going into bed because it can cause your bladder giving a signal to the brain that your bladder is full and you should pass urine, the brain will wake you up with the stimulation. So, you will have to go to the bathroom more than once if you drink too much water and this causes disturbance to sleep.

It has become a habit of people to take naps during day time. Sometimes these naps can be taken more than once a day. When this routine happens regularly, your brain will get used to it, and your brain might think that day time nap is your regular sleep, and it will try to keep you awake in the real bedtime? Therefore avoid taking too many naps a day.

The real problem in this era is the use of electronic devices like laptops and smartphones. You should keep all the electric devices away from you when you sleep. Make sure you adjust the brightness of relevant devices, and it is better if you stop using the devices at least one hour before going to bed.

Trouble Sleeping at Night?

The mattress that you choose will also affect the issues regarding sleep. Sleeping in a low- quality mattress is a bad habit. Foam mattresses may make you uncomfortable because you might feel too much hotness in the middle of the night. It is better if you choose a hybrid or innerspring mattress for better sleep.

Also. you should eat your dinner at least two hours before you go to bed. Even with that, you get a heavy diet in the night your body will keep you awake for the digestion purposes. This habit is bad for your health as if you are a diabetes person, it’s a bad habit to go to bed right after a meal.

There are Bad Sleep Habits!

Exercising is a good habit, but it becomes a bad habit if you do exercising right before you go to bed. Although there are exercises which are recommended, other exercises which accelerate heartbeat and increases body temperature should be done at least three hours before sleep. This is one of the examples of bad sleeping habits.

Having cold feet can make you uncomfortable sleeping, so it is a good habit if you warm up your feet by using stocks or getting heating pads in the cold weather. Otherwise, you can try taking a hot bath before going to bed.

Also, not having a proper bedtime routine is also a bad habit that your brain will keep you awake. When you have a sleeping routine like brushing your teeth, taking a shower and changing into a nightdress the brain will get used to it and prepare your mind to sleep throughout the routine, and you will fall in sleep immediately without any trouble.

A Few Sleep Habits to Avoid

We all know that we drink coffee to stay up at night because the caffeine in coffee keeps us awake. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism in our body which makes us feel refreshed and your brain will be active and make you not want to sleep. So in a regular routine, you should not drink coffee at least within 4 hours before sleep if you want your regular sleep.

Having a comfortable sleeping position is as much important as having a good quality mattress. With bad sleeping positions, you will have neck pains, back pains and shoulder pains which will make you uncomfortable sleeping. So, it is better to find your own unique and comfortable sleeping position to get a more comforting sleep considering the recommended sleeping positions which are sleeping on the and back rather than sleeping on the stomach.

Also, Light can distress your sleeping, and you will have to force yourself to sleep. If your alarm clock has bright light, it will make your eyes irritated and make you want to wake up. So choose it is better if you choose an alarm clock wisely. If you had a bad day and if you are suffering from stress or depression your brain will keep you awake. In that case it’ better if you can do meditation or yoga before going into bed but if you are suffering by a severe stress level, you will have to consult a counsellor and reduce your stress if you want your sleep back.

So, that’s all about bad sleep habits and hope you got a better understanding about them and how to break those bad and dangerous habits.

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