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20 Life-Changing Lessons Everyone Should Know

How many powerful lessons have you come across your life? I’m sure it may be plenty, hundreds or even thousands. This article, “20 Life-Changing Lessons Everyone Should Know”, includes 20 best lessons and habits that you need to know in your life.

This article includes plenty of life-changing quotes which are uttered by some of the most successful and acclaimed people around the world. So without further ado let’s move on to the article, “20 Life-Changing Lessons Everyone Should Know” .

Lesson 1: Thoughts Become Things

So, the first of 20 life-changing lessons is thoughts become things. That’s pretty simple when it comes to the law of attraction. Also, what you think you become and what you think you attract. Everything stems from your thoughts, and there is so much power in your thoughts.

“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions,our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

This shows you how your thoughts can shift over into creating your reality. Which is a really great quote to see the root of what thought can actually turn into.

Lesson 2: Perspective is Key

The second lesson is all about perspective and perspective in general and the power of perspective.

“You are always meeting yourself; whatever you see in the world is a mirror of what you’re thinking.”

– Eckhart Tolle

So, if two people were looking at the same thing, what one person would perceive from that situation or that experience would be completely different from the other person experiencing it. Also, perspective depends on our past, the way we were raised, our culture or society. Therefore, everyone’s perspective is uniquely different.

“It’s not necessarily the reality that shapes us, but the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality.”

Shawn Achor

Again it’s just the way you look at it,and you create your reality. Like everything, it is what it is and theway you perceive it is what you’re gonnaget from it.

“Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see.”

– Mike Dooley

Lesson 3: Alignment – Do, Think, Speak

So, the third lesson is alignment, and when it comes to alignment, the three things you want to do to accomplish alignment is acting, saying and thinking thoughts that all align with what you want. Also, when those three things are aligned, that’s when you will be able to attract things, and you’ll be in vibrational energy with what you’re trying to manifest.

Lesson 4: Everything is Temporary

The fourth of 20 life-changing lessons is everything is temporary. The only constant in life is a change of people, things, and thoughts. Therefore, you should know to appreciate the good but also not dwell on them and negative. Because everything in life is temporary and that comes with people, things, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It’s the flow of life, and they all happen for a reason.

Lesson 5: Don’t Take Anything Personally

So, the fifth lesson is don’t take anything personally. For example, what people say is a reflection of their internal world, not yours. Basically meaning if somebody hurts you or you feel personally affected by someone else’s action words or anything it has nothing to do with you. It’s the way that they’re reflecting what they’re feeling inside onto you. Also, when you take things personally, it messes with your mind and your relationships.

“Despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.”

– Matt Kahn

“How others treat me is their path, how I react is mine.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

Again this is about not taking anything too personally. Which will definitely help you a lot in life?

Lesson 6: Detachment from the Ego

The sixth lesson is ego and detachment. It feeds off negative energy and negative thoughts. Therefore, the more you feed it, the more it will reflect, and that’s not your real identity.

Your true identity is your spiritual awareness, and your consciousness and the ego is what your life created for you, and it’s a negative thing. So detaching from your ego is like separating from your physical self.

Lesson 7: Everything Happens for Us, Never Against Us

The seventh of 20 life-changing lessons is things happen for us not against us. Everything that happens in life is guiding you to what you want in life, the good the bad the ugly.

Appreciate everything for what it is because it’s teaching you something in the long run. For some reason, you need it in that point of view, and you’ve attracted it in your life for a reason. So everything that happens for you is never against you, it’s for you. We might just not know what it is until later on.

Lesson 8: We Have Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts

So, the eighth lesson is that we are not our feelings, our thoughts or our emotions. Depression and anxiety are common right now in today’s age. That’s mainly because we attach to our feelings and our thoughts and our emotions and we think that we are them. But we are experiencing them at the moment, so we are not our thoughts nor our feelings nor emotions, but we simply have them. Normally we rethink the same thought that’s stimulating the anger and creating that anger to stay with us for a while. So detaching from them and letting them flow through you like a cloud, watch the feelings come in you and then out. Release and let go of the feeling when you hold on to them, and that’s when you’re feeding the ego, and that’s when things will just start falling down.

Lesson 9: Focus on Action Rather than How

The ninth lesson is not to focus on how or when you want to manifest something instead of micromanaging and telling the universe you have to do this to attract that. You’re never gonna get it because you’re micromanaging it and you’re only focusing on one minuscule detail, and you think that’s gonna bring you what you want. But how do you know that’s gonna bring you what you want? You have no idea. So instead of focusing on the how, take action towards the life that you want without attaching to something that you’ve created. It’s like the “1% Rule”. The first action that you take, it becomes easier and more comfortable once something is in motion. It will stay in movement, and it’s just the flow. Instead of going crazy in your mind trying to figure out the situation, just flow with it.

Lesson 10: Time is an Illusion

The 10th of 20 life-changing lessons is there’s no such thing as time. There’s only here and now. When you were in the future, that moment once you’re there will be the present when you’re in the past that moment at that time was the present. So all you have is the present, there is no future there’s no past and time is an illusion. All that there ever is, and all that there ever will be is here and now.

Lesson 11: Every Person has Different Intensities at Different Parts of Your Life

So, the 11th lesson is that everyone has different intensities in different parts of your life. As we flow through life, again attaching to something like a person, can create really negative things for us emotionally and internally. This kind of relates to “Lesson 4: Everything is Temporary”. Every single person that’s in your life will have an intensity in that specific part of your life, and it’s okay if it fluctuates. For example, when you’re a kid, your brother and your sister and your mom and your dad have high intensity in your life. But as you get older new people to come and go into your life and they’re there for a specific reason. They kind of leave our lives sometimes when we’ve got what we need from them, and they come into our lives and when we need something from them.

Lesson 12: The More We Learn, The Less We Know

The 12th lesson is the more we learn, the less we know. When we are younger, we think that the more we know we are getting smarter than everyone else, we are getting more knowledge and we are becoming better persons. Even though we felt like our knowledge tank was getting full, the more we realized, the more we read and understand and learn the more we’re like “Holy cow, I know nothing, and I have so much more to learn!”

Lesson 13: Surrender to What Is

The 13th of 20 life-changing lessons is surrender to what is. This is actually from a book by Eckhart Tolle. He basically says “Instead of saying he didn’t call and he doesn’t love me blah!! Blah!! Blah!!! You can simply say he did not call”. You kind of accept and surrender to what is at the moment. Instead of creating a good or bad experience and judging it and putting your perception on the experience. Just let it be and surrender to it because you can’t really control it. So instead of placing judgment on the situation and labeling it as good or bad based on your life and your perception of it. you should think “Okay it happened, what can I do to move forward or how am I going to react to this?”.

Lesson 14: Let it Go

So, the 14th lesson is letting go.

“Holding on to the past is like praying to change it; which you can’t do.”

– Oprah Winfrey

When you sit there and harp these emotions of the past, it’s literally like praying to change it. But there’s no way you can change it you can only move forward. Also, that was really powerful when it comes to letting go of things in your past.

Lesson 15: Happiness is a Choice

The 15th lesson is happiness is a choice. Happiness is not the end result but something that we can choose to be every single day. Again it kind of correlates to “Lesson 2: Perception is Key”. There’s actually a cartoon a few years ago where there are two people in the bus, and one person’s looking out and looking at the Sun and the other person’s looking at the negative part of the train. It shows that you choose your situation and your happiness in life. Thereofre, once you start choosing happiness, you will be able to attract more things that make you happy.

Lesson 16: Everything Emits Vibrational Energy

The 16th of 20 life-changing lessons is that we all emit energy like vibrational energy. There are two types of people in this world, people who drain energy and people who give energy. So which one do you want to become?. You have to start taking responsibility for the energy that you bring into space. Everything has vibrational energy, and that’s science. Every single thing has a vibrational frequency. The vibrational frequencies that you emit to the world, based on things that you do, speak and think all attract and comes back to you.

Lesson 17: There is Enough for Everyone

The 17th lesson is there is enough for everyone. Others’ success does not mean your failure. Envy and jealousy of other success is something we were conditioned with. For example, back in the olden days, when we lived in nature, it’s like if someone kills a certain thing or eats food that means less for us. So our brains were conditioned to think that when someone gets something that means less for us. But in today’s society that is not the case. Everything is unlimited, and therefore that does not mean less for you. So instead of looking at jealousy like someone has more of something than you have, try looking at it like more of a sign and the possibility of it and not be jealous. Also, we each have a unique path, embrace and trust your divine timing and show love when they succeed.

Lesson 18: Internal vs. External World

So, the 18th lesson is internal vs. the external world. Some of the top researchers and positive psychology found that only 10% of our long-term levels of happiness are based upon our external world. 90% is how the brain processes the world we find ourselves in. It also says your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. Again it’s kind of all about “Lesson 2: Perspective is Key”. When you’re not happy internally, nothing externally can bring you any joy. Therefore, you have to be happy internally and be grateful to receive and be grateful for those things like love, things that money can buy &, etc. If you’re not grateful without those things, what makes you think you’re going to be grateful for those things. There’s no way you can be grateful unless you’re happy and grateful internally first and foremost.

Lesson 19: What You Give, You Get

The 19th lesson is what you give you get. The energy you put out will always come back.

So what you do to others, you do to yourself.

“If you want more love in your life, set an intention to be more loving. If you seek kindness, focus your energy on empathy and compassion.”

– Oprah Winfrey

“With every negative thing we count, we cancel out blessings that were on their way.”

– Rhonda Byrne

“Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen.”

– Shannon Kaiser

Basically what is saying here is whatever you give out into the universe like internally, externally, words actions and thoughts, you are going to receive in turn. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are vibrating and emitting positive energy so that you can get the life that you want to be living. The number one thing here is gratitude. Gratitude is so powerful and can change your mood and your mindset and align you with the life that you want and create long-term happiness.

Lesson 20: Your Spirituality

So, the final and 20th life-changing lesson is your spirituality. So your spirituality is kind of a conscious being having a human experience. You believe you are a conscious being who is separate from your physical world and your physical body. But you’re here on earth having a human experience. So, spirituality is more in believing in your skills and your path.

So, that’s all about the “20 Life-Changing Lessons Everyone Should Know” , and these are powerful and deep 20 lessons, habits and quotes which will help you to shape your life and change it in a better way.

Thank you very much for reading and if you enjoyed reading this article don’t forget to share this with your friends as well. Also, don’t forget to check out our other articles on health & lifestyle as well.

Have a nice day!

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