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4 Tips to Avoid Negative Energy Affecting You

How much influence others have on your life? If the influence is positive then no need to worry, but if it is negative then this article “4 Tips to Avoid Negative Energy Affecting You” will help you to detect and avoid negative energy.

There’s nothing worse than being in such a great high vibe mood, and then someone comes along, and you think that your vibration skyrockets down because of their mood or their energy and its affection on you. Without further ado let’s move on to the article, “4 Tips to Avoid Negative Energy Affecting You”.

Tip 1: Take Ownership

So, the first tip to avoid negative energy affecting you is to take ownership of your feelings and your thoughts. You create your own reality, not other people. You simply cannot put the blame on other people for your reality. Because you’re the owner of your reality and putting the blame on other people actually lowers your vibration. You cannot put the blame on other people, other things or other situations because you’re not getting what you want in life. You have to honestly bite the bullet and take the ownership for it and say you know what that you’ve created this reality. And if you don’t like it, you need to start shifting some things and focusing on different things rather than negative sources.

Ownership and taking responsibility for your actions and your reality has a really high vibration rather than the blame. It’s not a bad thing when you realize that you’re having negative thoughts. You can analyze your thoughts and identify them as negative thoughts. That’s actually an excellent thing, and you should give thanks and show gratitude for it. So, if you are blaming other people for your reality or blaming other situations for your reality, once you take ownership in that, you don’t feel like blaming other people lowered your vibration. The fact that you even recognized it and you shifted it over and took ownership for it raises your vibration so much in the process. You can then move on to the next step of becoming more self-aware, and how to better analyze those situations and not put the blame on other people.

Tip 2: Nothing is Personal

The second tip to avoid negative energy is to take anything personally. This kind of coincides with the first tip as well. If someone is giving you negative energy, negative vibrations, and negative comments, you cannot take these things personally. Once you start taking these things personally, you think that their actions are a result of how you are behaving. Or even your presence in the first place and that’s not the case. You cannot take anything that anyone else says personally. Because, how they act is an inner reflection of who they truly are. Even if they say, you are the cause of this, the fact of them putting the blame on you is something internally they’re struggling with. The only things that you take personally are the things that you bring out to the universe.

Once you start taking things personally, your vibration and your self-confidence will go skyrocket down. And once you start taking things personally, it’s just downhill from that. Also once you begin analyzing people’s thoughts and behaviors and recognizing that it has nothing to do with you and it’s actually an internal reflection of who they are, then you start not taking things personally. Everything that people do or say you’re not being affected by it because you no longer feel that you’re connected to it in any type of way which actually you’re not.

Tip 3: Look Internally

The third tip to avoid negative energy is to look internally rather than externally. A lot of times people look at the external world, and they think that they have caused this or they are being affected by it. But really everything that’s outside and that’s happening in your external reality is going to happen no matter what. It’s how you interpret and analyze in your perspective on these things that show who you truly are.

So instead of rather looking at the things that are happening around you, the negative energy that you think that people are bringing to you or lowering your vibration, look internally and analyze your thoughts rather than the outside world. Again it’s kind of like not taking things personally. You are examining your inner feelings in your inner world and seeing how you are seeing this external world through your inner world.

The outside world triggers whatever is inside of us. For example, if something happens to you and your friend, both of you are going to perceive it in two different ways since we all are unique from each other. Since the external world is not the cause of your feelings, the cause of your feelings is something going on in your mind. So if you’re feeling negative vibration or negative energy based on someone else’s situation or the people around you, you need to go inside and figure out why you’re feeling this way why is it lowering your vibration and how can you shift this and change internally. Your internal stuff in your inner world is the only thing that you have control of, and when you shift that inner world, you’re going to shift the outside world as well, Not physically but the way that you perceive it.

Tip 4: What You See is You

Final tip to avoid negative energy is that what you see is a reflection on who you are. Whatever you’re feeling inside is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. For example, if you are getting mad at someone for telling you the law of attraction isn’t real, and its rubbish, something inside of you is telling you that the law of attraction is real. Obviously the fact that you are getting angry about it or your vibration is lowering because of it, something inside is not right when someone says that. You need to go deep inside see what you’re feeling, why are you feeling this way and analyze your feelings.

So whenever someone lowers your vibration, look at yourself, analyze your feelings and see why you’re reflecting like this and why you’re getting this specific mood towards the situation and how can you make it better. Find the good in the situation, find that you are analyzing this and you are overcoming this. This way you’re not letting other people affect your energy because you are going deeper inside of yourself. And the reflection on what you’re bringing is actually shifting and changing in the process.

So, that’s all about the “4 Tips to Avoid Negative Energy Affecting You” and hope you got an understanding about signs of negative energy and how to block those negative auras of people.

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