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7 Ways to Deal with Impatience

Patience is something that many of us personally struggle with. So, this article “7 Ways to Deal with Impatience” will definitely help you to overcome impatience and become a person with more patience.

Generally, we are desired to get what we want in the least time possible, in like a second. Also, we want things fast, and we want them now. So this article is on ways that we can overcome dealing with impatience and becoming a more patient person. People who have patience have a talent in a skill that requires a lot of effort in this society. Therefore, patience is something that we all should strive to obtain and the purpose of this article “7 Ways to Deal with Impatience” is to help you achieve it,

There are many ways which we get impatient. For example, noises like someone’s chewing or a ticking sound make us anxious and also when it comes to time if anyone’s wasting our time or delaying us then we become anxious. Also when it comes to boredom, for example, if there’s a long waiting line and we don’t know what to do with ourselves, and we’re just kind of sitting there not doing anything, then most often we’ll get impatient.

Also being impatient is not attractive, and it is detrimental to our health as well. It causes stress and anxiety which increases unhappiness which is really bad for your relationships because no one wants to be around someone who’s agitated all the time.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to the “7 Ways to Deal with Impatience”.

1. Appreciate the Feeling of Patience and Time

So the first way is to appreciate the feeling of patience and time. You should avoid agitation and being impatient as much as possible and understand the time and value of time. You should understand your emotions, your feelings and enjoy the moment. So, take a step back and shift your focus onto something else.

2. Relaxation Scan

The second way is relaxation scan. When we get impatient our body tenses up, we get shortness of breath, our heart rate starts palpitating, and we become agitated. It’s like all these things kind of go so fast until we control our impatience. Therefore, you have to do a relaxation scan to overcome this. So to do a relaxation scan, you have to go through your whole body and relax it literally. Also, you have to let go of the feeling of tenseness that comes with being impatient. This is a great way to physically get rid of the feeling of being impatient which can correlate over to your thoughts and feelings and kind of slow you down a bit.

3. Ground Yourself

So the third thing is to ground yourself. When we are impatient, we want the present to be the future as fast as possible which is not the best thing to do. We really want to focus on being present and grounding ourselves with the present moment. Hence you should regroup feelings and thoughts and perspective on the present moment. Go through all five of your senses or focus on something that is not even in the vision of what you’re thinking. Go to something in your environment and appreciate one specific thing and focus on that rather than the perspective that you have about the present situation. When you do this, you ground yourself and shifts the attitude towards being present. Also, be appreciative of being present rather than trying to change it to the future really fast.

4. Focus on What You Can Control

So the next way to deal with impatience is to focus on what you can control. When we’re impatient, we focus on things that we are not in control of. For example, whether that’s somebody else’s actions or delays in situations like hitting every red light in the road, we have no way of controlling that thing. Focus on what you can control, and if you can’t control it, then there’s no point in consuming your thoughts with something uncontrollable because there’s nothing you can do and you’re just making the situation worse.

There are two things that you can control. You can manage your reaction towards things, and you can manage your perception of what’s going on around you. How you react in the situation will benefit not only you but other people and your opinion of what’s going on.

Maybe hitting every red light in the street might be for a reason like a car accident up ahead & etc. So, those are the things that you want to focus on rather than focusing on ideas and worrying, stressing and being consumed with things that we are not in control of. Also, it is up to you to choose patience, and that is in your control. You can control being patient or reacting impatiently.

5. Realize You’re Making the Situation Worse

Next way to deal with impatience is to realize that impatience causes other people to stress and anxiety. You’re putting more stress and strain into the situation that’s already causing you stress and anxiety. So you’re getting the exact opposite of what you’re trying to get.

Therefore, when you react impatiently, give out negative energy and negative vibration into a situation that you already feel is full of negative energy and negative vibration, you’re going to reciprocate that, and it’s just gonna get worse for yourself and for others as well.

Generally, you’re getting what you’re giving and help de-stress the situation to make things go a little bit quicker which is what you want in the first place.

6. Find out Why You’re Feeling this Way

So, the number six is to figure out why are you becoming so impatient. You need to think why you are becoming so overwhelmed with stress, whether it is because you’re gonna be late or in some way you feel it’s disrespectful towards you or something else. Also, most of the time your time or whatever you’re becoming impatient about is not really worth the time or energy. You have to be humble, let it go and let it flow. Usually, everything happens for a reason and just let it be. Even though It’s easier said than done, our problems aren’t as problematic as we think they are when we are so impatient.

7. Controlled Practice of Patience

So, the seventh and final tip to deal with impatience is to do the controlled practice of patience, and you need to practice patience on yourself. For example, if you are living in a frigid environment or a scorching environment when you turn on your car be patient.

Before you start driving wait for your temperature to get accustomed to whatever you’re trying to do whether that’s cool down or get really warm and always be patient.

There are so many benefits to slowing down and practicing patience. Most of the times, patience is a skill and not something that you’re born with. You can even get impatient by trying to be patient and therefore even just becoming aware of being patient is a great thing that you’ve done for yourself.

So, that’s all about the “7 Ways to Deal with Impatience” and hope you’ve got something valuable for your life out of this article.

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Have a nice day!

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