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6 Tips on What to Do When You Are Feeling Stuck in Life

Are you feeling stuck in your life and feel like your life doesn’t move forward? Then this article “6 Tips on What to Do When You Are Feeling Stuck in Life”, will help you to move forward in your life.

Tip 1: Time for Change

The first tip on what to do when you’re feeling stuck in life is, maybe it’s time for a change. For example, when you lack passion or feeling bored in something, that’s a sign that things need to change. So, you’re no longer happy about where you are in life. Shifting your life could be a really great beneficial thing for you especially when you’re feeling a weird funk. We’re so overwhelmed with our thoughts that we’re not really living our day to day lives, but coasting by. If you’re not happy where you are, then there’s really nothing to lose. So shifting and bringing new things into your life as well as detoxing the things that are no longer bringing you fulfillment in your life. For example as people, things or situations, is a really great way to get out of that mindset of feeling “blah!”.

Do something new every single day, try different things out, get out of your comfort zone and use this as a time to start implementing change in doing things that you think will drive your happiness. And if you don’t know what that is yet, try something new. Also, there’s no sense of loss when we try different things and hop around a little bit in life, there’s only gain. So, if you don’t like it or it was a mistake, you will learn from it, and if you do like it, you can change your whole perspective and your entire life. Change is a good thing, and this may be a sign that change is needed in your life.

When we are feeling kind of in a rut and stuff, we shouldn’t stay stuck in our thoughts because we’re not really doing anything and feeling sorry for ourselves. Think about going through a maze, when you come to a dead-end do you sit there and think “Okay well, there’s no way I’m getting out of this maze or I’m gonna be able to enjoy it. I’m gonna stay right here for a while” But no if you get to a dead-end, you turn around and you make a different path in life.

Tip 2: It’s Okay Not to Know

The next tip is that it’s okay not to know what you want life. A lot of the times when we feel stuck, it’s because we’re not happy about where we are in life, but at the same time, we don’t know where we want to go in life. It’s like a big open question mark, and you may feel like “I need to find out what I need to do first, to live the life that I need” and you put pressure on yourself to figure things out. So, release the expectation of knowing the outcome of your life. When you’re so focused and consumed on creating an outcome or creating a goal in life, you get stuck. So stop thinking like “Okay well, I need to know what I want to do first. So I’m not gonna do anything until I figure it out”.

When you take inspired action, that’s when new things will come into your life like opportunity and growth. Another thing that we tend to do is, focus on how and when our dreams are gonna come true. Focusing on how and when isn’t really beneficial to you at all. So instead of focusing on how your dreams are gonna come into play or when they’re gonna come into play, just focus on taking action. The more you do, the more the “how” and “when” floats out of your mind.

Tip 3: Listen to Your Gut

The next tip is to listen to your gut. When you’re feeling certain feelings, whether they’re good or bad, they’re happening to you for a reason. Actually, the reason you’re feeling these things is to drive out something in you that you need at the moment. Instead of resisting what your body’s trying to tell us, we need to learn to accept where we are in life and accept these feelings that we have. When you resist these feelings, they’re never gonna go away, and you’re never gonna work through them. But when you accept these things you’re creating a foundation and a starting point and accepting where you are. You should be “Okay I know what I’m working with” and then that will drive you towards action.

We feel these things for a reason, and it won’t go away until we get what we need from it. Resisting it and pushing it down and not listening to our gut and acting and putting on a mask or face that isn’t truly what we’re feeling at the time, is not doing any good. It’s not gonna go away until we figure out why we’re having these feelings and get down to the deep-rooted issues. Remember that your inner voice is kind of like your guide. Go inward and focus on what your body’s telling you. Below is a quote that might help you to understand a thing or two.

“When you’re reading a book there are good chapters, and there are bad chapters; your life is kind of like that, there’s good and bad.”

When there is a bad chapter do you put the book down and say “I’m not going to read it because I don’t want to deal with it right now?” No, because you’re never going to get to the good chapter.”

So that’s kind of the same thing here. When you resist, and you’re stopping the book and putting it to the side, you’re not gonna get anywhere and in turn, creating a feeling of feeling stuck. When we read through that chapter, go into that chapter and dive deep. Then we can quickly get to the next chapter and create a new chapter in our lives and move forward.

Tip 4: Free Yourself

The next tip on what to do when you’re feeling stuck in life is to free yourself. We need to learn to accept, allow and release these feelings. Feel it out, accept where you are and don’t overthink or overanalyze your situation right now because again it is not doing anything good for you. When we’re feeling stuck we tend to kind of label ourselves like we’re not going anywhere, we’re stuck and like so. But we’re labeling our reality into what we think it should be and that’s not okay. You can’t just think of what it should be as it is already what it should be. When we learn what this is when you’re okay with that, and you let go of everything that you’re thinking and over analyzing; that’s when things can start feeling better.

We have these “what-ifs” and “what should be” and it creates this internal pressure, and there’s nothing we can do right now except for accepting what it is and move on. There’s actually something called “The Sunk Cost Fallacy,” which means we concentrate on what we’ve already invested whether that’s time or money or effort, it keeps you stuck on to that object, and it is harder to move on from it. When you do what you’re thinking about, like past and what-ifs and what should be, you’re ruining your moment right now based on this situation. There’s no point in thinking about because you’re not really doing anything. You’re sitting there and creating this anxiety in your mind, and when we learn to let that go, it’s like “Oh I can breathe again.”

Tip 5: Let it Out

Next tip is to let it out. Free it from your body by speaking to other people. Everyone goes through difficult times, and everyone has to fill up time. So don’t feel ashamed of when you are going through difficult times. People are around you and in your life for a reason. If you don’t feel that you have anyone to talk to you, can talk to a therapist. There are so many different chat groups and groups of people that have created a sort of community for dealing with issues if you want to remain anonymous. Talk to your friends, talk to your co- workers, talk to your family and let it out. When we do talk it out, it’s therapy. Literally, you are releasing all of this and letting it flow out of you because we’re kind of harboring it all inside of us and when we let it go it feels really comfortable. And then you also get tons of great advice from different people. So give up pride and talk to people. Take advantage of human connection and being able to relate to different people because everyone will go through difficult times and people can help you tremendously. Even just verbally talking it out will help you realize certain things about your situation or help you work through them.

Tip 6: Facts vs. Feelings

The last tip is to focus on the difference between facts and feelings. When we do feel stuck, we kind of get into some sort of a rut or depression. Thinking that we are our feelings and that we’re stuck with our feelings and nothing’s gonna change, can be detrimental to our happiness.

Feelings are kind of distorted views of our reality. They generally aren’t facts, they’re just what you’re feeling at the moment. They’re all temporary, but a lot of the times they’re not even real. There is ego talking most of the time and let them flow in and out of you. They’re there for a reason but at the same time don’t have them say stuff. It is kind of like a cloud, watch them flow in and out of your life. When they tend to stay stuck here and you feel like you are identified by your feelings in your situation is your feelings, that’s when we get stuck and feeling in a rut. When we learn to let them flow and find the difference between what is facts what are feelings, we can learn to overcome our feelings, accept the facts and move forward.

Are your feelings controllable? Can you control your situation? The things that are uncontrollable that you have no control over, accept them for what they are. You need to work with them since there’s nothing you can do to change it. But if you’re feeling a certain way because of something that you can control, and you’re not doing anything to control them or change the situation, finding the ways that you can control them.

So, that’s all about the “6 Tips on What to Do When You Are Feeling Stuck in Life” and hope it helped you at least a bit to move forward in your life.

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